Sending Emails to an Office 365 Group When the Group Was Created from Teams

No matter how long you work with Office 365, you find little strange things that don’t make any sense. We’re working at the Office 365 Hands-On Kitchen at SPTechCon Boston. On a beautiful Sunday in August inside a meat locker. (It’s really cold in the Sheraton.) You should really be here.

We were testing News Digests (cool!) and sending the emails to the BBB Intranet Team Office 365 Group, but none of us in the group were getting the emails and we couldn’t figure out where they were going.

Apparently this is a known and desirous situation. Because the Group was created from Teams, the logic is that communication would be in Teams, not in email. But to us it was a mystery which took some digging to find. Thank goodness John Moh (@johnmoh) had a memory of what was going on. He remembered this article from Tony Redmond (@12Knocksinna).

Because we have a group of 7 of us doing the building, we’re each doing things a little differently. It’s a quick day of building, so we’re not always talking things through in a lot of detail – we’re just getting it done.

The person who created the BBB Intranet Team did it in Microsoft Teams. Because the Office 365 Group was created from the Teams side of things, none of us could see the group in Outlook Online. The emails were going to the Group, but we couldn’t see them.

It turns out the only way we could see the emails was to click the Conversations link in the associated SharePoint Site (/sites/BBBIntranetTeam). That opened Outlook Online to the Group, and we could see the emails.

We realized at the point we could change the setting for the Group to send the emails to each of us individually.

The moral of the story is probably to create Groups where you expect to use email with the Group members from the Admin Center or SharePoint Home Page, though I’m sure there are those who would argue with me about that stance.

from Marc D Anderson’s Blog