Join Sympraxis Consulting at the SharePoint Conference North America in May, 2019

At Sympraxis, we love interacting with the SharePoint community. Julie, Todd, and I try to get to as many great conferences as we can, whether we are speakers or just attendees.

We learn a lot attending the sessions, but the best part is often the interactions we have in the hallways and sides of session rooms. That’s where we learn about the great solutions you’re all building or what problems are keeping you up at night.

One of our all-time favorite conferences in the SharePoint Conference. It’s been around for many years, but has changed its guise a few times. These days, it’s the SharePoint Conference North America, and will be held in Las Vegas on May 21-23, 2019.

All three of us will be speaking this year, and we’re psyched about it. so psyched that Julie even convinced Todd and me to make a little video about it.

Here’s some info on the session I’ll be doing. It’s called ‘Managing Content Types in the Modern World’, and in it I’ll talk about all the new things we should be thinking about as we are building out a strong information architecture in modern SharePoint.

When the order of the day was huge, pyramid-shaped Site Collections for capabilities like Intranets, managing your Content Types was relatively easy: any Site Columns and Content Types you built in the root site were available throughout the Site Collection. When we needed more enterprise-wide information architecture, we turned to the Content Type Hub. In our new, flatter world, we need to think about information architecture differently while hanging onto the better practices of the past.

That may be a bit vague. I’m hoping to be able to cover improvements we don’t even know about yet, but that I’ll learn about in the interim.

I hope to see you in Las Vegas in May. If you register with code MANDERSON, you can even save $50 off the registration fee!

from Marc D Anderson’s Blog