Creating and Deploying a Custom Theme in SharePoint Online – Follow Up

In my previous post entitled Creating and Deploying a Custom Theme in SharePoint Online, I was remiss by not mentioning Stefan Bauer’s (@stfbauer) highly useful Panthema Web Part. See: Panthema web part is now release – know your SharePoint theme colours

The Panthema Web Part shows the colors for all the theme “slots”. We can adjust any of these slots, though as I griped about in my previous post, the Office Fabric UI Theme Generator only lets us adjust three slots via the UI.

If you want to have a discussion about the theme you’ll apply to your site(s), installing the Panthema Web Part and creating a new page with just that Web Part on it can be a handy tool.

As you hover over each of the cards, you’ll see what that color is applied to.

Image lovingly borrowed from Stefan’s post

In this way, you can identify any small tweaks you might want to make to your branding beyond the three slots you can change in the Office Fabric UI Theme Generator.

I’ll refer you to the readme in Stefan’s N8Design repo on Github for installation instructions, since they may change over time.

Have fun theming!

from Marc D Anderson’s Blog