Alternatives to SharePoint – Are there really any good ones if standardization and integration is a high priority for you and you have broad needs?

Man, the negative articles from the media about SharePoint just seem to keep coming.
Here are some recent articles that I have read in the news:

I think all of this stuff is a load of crap! It is designed to get people to read stuff and pay for it by looking at and clicking on advertisements, or pay for it with cash in the case of Gartner’s report.

Folks, the install base of SharePoint on-premises is HUGE! There is certainly not the level of new customer adoption that there was in the early days, but I believe the number of organizations and users that are using SharePoint around the globe is really mind-boggling if we actually could see the true numbers.

Is there really a good alternative to SharePoint? I believe the answer remains as true today as much as it was 5 years ago:

There is no other software platform on the planet that offers anywhere close the level of standardization …Read More